Don’t Forget to Check the Checklist

Even if you are making a theme for your own use, make sure you follow the theme development check list over on the WordPress Codex.

I’m working on revamping my portfolio section, and in the extensive troubleshooting process I came across a nice little plugin for Slimbox2. Which just like everything else I tried, failed to work. They appeared to have a nice little support forum so I posted my query and after much trial and error with the plugins creator (oddly enough I went to high school with his brother), I discovered the issue was with my theme.

I poked around and discovered that I was missing a small bit of quite important code for plugins to work:
< ?php wp_head(); ?>

This little line of code is essential for WordPress and its plugins to know where to add elements to the header.

With that mystery solved, expect a better portfolio section soon.

For an example of what the Slimbox2 plugin does, view this post of mine on the iPod case I made, and click on the image.

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