Batch File Conversion – OpenOffice to MS

I Googled myself into a frenzy attempting to find a solution for ods to xls batch conversion for the Mac. The majority of downloads are for Windows. But then it struck me to try a different Google solution—Google Docs.

  1. In Google Docs, click the “Upload…” button in the left sidebar
  2. Drag the files you want to convert onto the drag and drop area.
    • Choose a collection to put them in (not necessary, but it makes it easier to manage the sudden import of a lot of files)
  3. Click “Start upload”
  4. Once upload process is complete shift select all the files you wish to convert
  5. Click “Download…” in the right sidebar
  6. Choose the file type you want to convert them to
  7. Click “Download” and you’ll have a zip file to uncompress in a few minutes
    • You can even have Google shoot you an email when the files are ready for you

And there you go, a quick easy conversion.

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