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Andreas Tabor’s Aesthetic Literacy

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

I recently began a collaborative effort with a friend of mine, Andreas Tabor, redesigning his existing online portfolio,  Andreas is in the last few weeks of his undergraduate career as a graphic design student and needed a site that expressed his personality but was also easy to keep up to date.

We discussed his his options and it seemed that a custom WordPress theme with some instruction on maintaining his final site would be enough to meet all his needs. Andreas provided me with his desired aesthetics and layout as a Photoshop file which I then converted into code and implemented as a WordPress theme.

This was a unique experience for me as I was acting more in the role of a code monkey with less design power.  It was also a good learning opportunity as I was forced to think a bit differently than if I had created the layout from scratch.  Overall, working with a friend was a challenge, but I’m glad I could help him out while also gaining more knowledge and experience with the capabilities of WordPress.