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Andreas Tabor’s Aesthetic Literacy

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

I recently began a collaborative effort with a friend of mine, Andreas Tabor, redesigning his existing online portfolio,  Andreas is in the last few weeks of his undergraduate career as a graphic design student and needed a site that expressed his personality but was also easy to keep up to date.

We discussed his his options and it seemed that a custom WordPress theme with some instruction on maintaining his final site would be enough to meet all his needs. Andreas provided me with his desired aesthetics and layout as a Photoshop file which I then converted into code and implemented as a WordPress theme.

This was a unique experience for me as I was acting more in the role of a code monkey with less design power.  It was also a good learning opportunity as I was forced to think a bit differently than if I had created the layout from scratch.  Overall, working with a friend was a challenge, but I’m glad I could help him out while also gaining more knowledge and experience with the capabilities of WordPress.

[Website] The Buckley House Restaurant

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Screen Shot of

Screen Shot of

The owner of The Buckley House Restaurant initially approached me to develop a logo for the new restaurant, so this piece consists of both identity and web work. I also photographed the chef and restaurant space for the rotating images featured on the site.

An essential page for any restaurant is that which contains contact and directions, without it patrons would never be able to locate their destination. In this situation, I utilized Google Maps to allow site users the flexibility of obtaining directions tailored to their needs quickly and easily.

Begining Web Designer Resources

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I am often asked how I learned the skills needed for website design when my background is in print.  The very basics of HTML using Tables and Flash I learned at my alma mater, Marietta College.  Everything else I discovered and learned through the web, with a few books.

Helpful online sources of information on web design/coding:

Web Design from

Opera Web Standards Curriculum

Google’s SEO Starter Guide – PHP

More advanced information:

A List Apart

456 Berea Street

Books I have found useful:

CSS Mastery

Rockstar WordPress Designer

In general, my best advice when learning to develop websites, just Google it, you will end up seeing some inspiring sites, finding some interesting mentors and finding a host of resources at your fingertips.