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Custom Gadget Case

Monday, February 16th, 2009

As mentioned before, I have an iPod Touch.  Since I use it practically everywhere, I wanted a nice sturdy case to protect it while in transit, via my pocket, a purse or backpack.  A simple Google search brings up oodles of shoddy plastic techinicolored containers that offer minimal style and functionality for far more than I was willing to pay.

So I took a cue from crafty site and sought out information on hollowing a book:

I’m rather pleased with how it turned out, click the image to view larger:

Custom Case

Tap Tap Tap

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

If you were fortunate enough to receive one of the many gifts that were part of the financial boost to Apple over the holiday season, you might be interested in these 10 quick tips from Tap Tap Tap.

10 useful iPhone tips & tricks

I was lucky enough to find a touch under my Christmas tree, and since then it has become quite a valuable tool. This is actually my first iPod and, not surprisingly, I don’t really use it as a media player. For me, the touch is more like one of those so-called netbooks. I check my email, read the news, post to Twitter, and so on. And in those rare instances when I don’t have Internet access, I catch up on my classics by reading them on Stanza, or any of the various educational PDFs I have found across the Internet on Files Lite.

Essentially, those spare minutes in the day formerly spent waiting now add up to whole novels read, new coding languages learned, faster email response, happier clients, and in the end, a more in control me.

And of course it isn’t all work with no play, some of the more fun apps on my iPod touch:
Spore (Link is to the free version, this is the only app I have purchased so far, but Tetris and i Love Katamari are looking so tempting.)
Google Earth
iHandy Level (It is often quite enjoyable to help friends confirm the un-levelness of their living quarters.)

Overall, I have enjoyed the iPod touch in far more ways than I ever expected, and well, sometimes I forget that it plays music too.